STEAM combines all the parts of STEM, while incorporating the creativity that comes with Arts.    Lynbrook utilizes that creativity to learn various concepts whether it be in math or science.   Unfortunately the STEAM room is in dire need of new technological devices.  Many of the laptop computers that are being utilized are old.   But new technology is low on the list of funding in an era of tightening budgets.   Much of the focus has shifted to “bring your own device” programs.   This  type of self reliance program will not work well at a school who’s students do not have enough money to buy their own lunches.   The socioeconomic demographics of Lynbrook has hampered PTA abilities to fundraise large amounts of money as well.   So this year, PTA is entering into partnerships with various businesses in the hopes of raising needed funds for more science and math activities.   Science is an area where Lynbrook is focusing on improving State standard of learning scores.

This video shows kindergarten children learning math concepts through music.   While at the same time they creatively learn language skills since many of them do not have English as their primary language.